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Learn more about us and who we are

Port 587 is fully owned and operated by Sun Hosting, one of Canada's oldest and largest email services and Web hosting provider. Sun Hosting was founded in 1995, is fully Canadian-owned, has no debt and is very strong financially. We are a privately-held entity, with head offices located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

We run one of the most rock-solid internet backbones in the world, with email and web servers strategically located in most major countries. Since 2001, Sun Hosting has had an average annual growth rate exceeding 16.5 percent a year, and the trend is growing. In 2012 alone, our sales grew 23.8 percent vs 2011. We currently operate in 73 countries.

Port 587 and Sun Hosting are fully committed to the success and the reliable operation of all its customer's specific email requirements. Sun Hosting has invested massively in the construction and implementation of its modern, state-of-the-art data centers to fully ensure its users of the most reliable email service that's achievable with today's technology.

Sun Hosting's data centers integrate the latest in high technology equipment, internet routers and high-capacity/high-reliability email and SMTP servers. Our data centers feature raised floors with downdraft forced-air cooling. For power protection, all our data centers boast industrial-grade diesel generators, complete with automated UPS's (Uninterruptible Power Supplies).

Our data centers are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by qualified, experienced personnel that are especially trained for the job. All your emails will always operate at peak efficiency, regardless if there is a major power failure locally, or across the country.

Sun Hosting currently hosts in excess of 10,000,000 corporate email addresses of all types. Among our large clientele, about 21 percent of the sites we host are secure ecommerce websites and secure B2B transactional trading platforms used by Fortune 500 companies, large eCommerce merchants, and organizations that need a secure way to conduct business and close sales on the Internet.

Sun Hosting's servers deliver over 475 Million hits every day of the week. Our servers currently store over 85 Terabytes of storage. On any given day, Sun Hosting delivers over 7 Terabytes of data to our client's visitors. When you entrust your data to Sun Hosting, you are placing your trust in a strong and experienced organization that has what it takes to deliver quality and reliable hosting services.

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